I'm a 28 year old Brooklynite, born again Berliner and recently converted Austinite.

I received my bachelors in Advertising and Marketing Communication in NYC many moons ago, however my true passion lies within design and photography. In 2012 I moved to Berlin to be a freelance designer and photographer and to discover Europe. In 2014 I relocated back to Brooklyn, where I was happily living as a graphic designer, part-time photographer, amateur chef and full time head-to-toes-in-love aunt. However, in August (2014) I moved down to the Lone Star State to sell my soul to this food truck empire, do marketing for an urban design firm, and to chillax in a swimming hole. In 2016, I made a switch into user experience design and now I work for a wonderful innovation tank called T3. My favorite book, The Little Prince, is originally written in French, though I first read it in German.

I strictly eat unhealthy foods. I'm asian, a woman, and a good driver.

Publications & Collaborations

My work has been published in World Landscape Architecture Magazine, Satellite Magazine, AIA NY, Perspective New York Real Estate Media Group, AIA NY New York New Work 2011 Subway Exhibition, 2011 Baruch College Lexicon, Sidney Mishkin Gallery in New York as well as several volumes of Encounters Magazine.

Other than the above mentioned groups, I have worked on collaborations with SUAVS shoes, DIGIDAY, NFL Fanstyle, Michael McCanne (photo/writing collab), Phototech (Repair Service) and my friends at Digital Natives Group.

The Little Prince and My Career

You may question my passion for this children's book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. While it is a beautifully written piece of literature teaching children to cherish relationships and to love friends for who they are, now as an adult it has also affected and elevated my professional career. Let me briefly indulge you in my three favorite quotes:

"What is essential is invisible to the eye."

Good user experiences are invisible. It is important to create products that make tasks effortless and allow people to feel empowered and happy. Interactions must be functional and not just beautiful.

"You become responsible for what you have tamed."

You not only create relationships with coworkers, superiors and clients. But most importantly, you have spent so much time listening to your user and understanding their habits and needs that you have become responsible to take care of them.

"Well, I must endure the presence of a few caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies."

Team work will not always be easy, but there are so many tools to make working with others a pleasant experience. Creating good relationships is important to grow as an individual as well as a professional. 


I'm available for freelance projects.

Shoot me an email at if you'd like to discuss work, collabs or bad jokes.

Though I'd really prefer good jokes.

Interests & Passions

I also enjoy travel, photography, handlettering and graphic design