Prep Tutor App

The mobile tutor connector



As part of a two-day project at General Assembly, my team of two was tasked with the design of a mobile android application that connects tutors and students.


Noel Oropesa (UX Design), Aaron Fields (Android Developer)


UX Design, Research, Content Management, Visual Design


Pen and paper, Sketch, InVision



Aside from the two-day time limitations, one challenge was that tutors and students are often mismatched due to varieties in college course contents. Another challenge was that the client did not have a clear idea for branding or source of content.


We utilized the branding of the institution and incorporated content provided by the university. Coursework can be filtered by Field of Study and Course Name. This way tutors, especially those who have taken the course before, will have a better understanding of the needs of the students and will be able to teach the appropriate content.





Our team addressed the content issue by researching direct competitors. We concluded that the app would be used on different school campuses. Utilizing the course list, would ease the process of matching student to be able to be matched with tutors with the appropriate knowledge. 

After discovering this slight pivot in the target market, it was much easier to make decisions on branding as each app would be branded with the respective school’s brand colors.





High Fidelity Mockups

We branded the app using the style of the university where the app would be used. Tutors have the ability to accept or decline students requesting tutoring sessions. Click the button below to view the interactive prototype.